My genius, My love

Ella taught herself to read this weekend. Not just some words, it seems she has digested the entire concept and is now employing that concept to read entirely.
Not really sure, she just can. Educators- it's all about the ZPD (zone of proximal development) from Vygotsky right?

She is smart. She likes to outsmart me.

REAL Example conversation from yesterday:

ELLA: Mom, does water melt?

ME: No.

ELLA: Mom, does juice melt?

ME: No.

ELLA: Mom, can you freeze water?

ME: Yes.

ELLA: Mom, can you freeze juice?

ME: Yes.

ELLA: So you can melt water and juice?

ME: Yes. You are right. You can melt water and juice.

ELLA: (giggles)

ME: (giggles) You got me Ella!

10 Places (gotta limit me somehow)

A list of places I would love to go, in no particular order

Places I'd like to revisit that I've already been:

1.Badlands of South Dakota
2.Santa Cruz
3.Anywhere in the forests of the Pacific Northwest
4.Spain.....all of it
5. New Orleans
6. The Nachez Trace
7. The Smokey Mountains
8. Nashville <3 & Memphis
9. San Francisco

New Places
1. Italy
2. Alaska
3. Hawaii
4. Africa, no idea where. I know it's kinda big.
5. Russia, to find the German town my grandmother's family was from
6. Tokyo
7. Paris
8. London
9. Iceland

Looks like you were not finished with that problem yet.

Life threw me a curve ball a couple of weeks ago, but it's all turning out ok.
I am working with a student that I had MAJOR trouble with, and I was anxious as hell to work with her, but it is turning out better than I expected. My friend Jeanne told me that maybe I just wasn't finished with that problem yet so life threw it back at me, and I think that was so true. I love my wise friends.

best leftovers in the universe Glory Be

The best leftovers in the universe were made by my mother Barbara. She may have made me loose my mind a couple of times over this weekend, but she sure can cook. There really is nothing like her cooking. If New Jersey had a down home style, this would be it. She can cook a ham that takes hours and make it look like the blink of an eye. She can create a breakfast casserole dish with her mind and I bet you had no idea there was such a thing. She looks like it's killing her when food isn't treated with proper respect, being fried and slathered in butter or cooked up snuggling with some mayo or bacon. Lots of times it's not a real Manville/Miller meal until there is a choice of 3 different meats. If there isn't a pan of baked ziti on the side well then it just plain aint a holiday that day. And if you don't hear my father complain about the temperature or the salt content, which he does for kicks to hear her shout, then that means he is asleep. So I got my little injection of NJ right here in Massachusetts. It was cute, it was tiresome, but man it was delicious.

I woke up from my nap, that I absolutely HAD to take since I've been sleeping on the couch or my daughters bunk bed that she takes up the most room of. I was so hungry, but I was so tired I wanted to stay in bed. That's until I realized I had leftovers. Sweet Sweet leftovers. I knew what was awaiting me. There is more food in my fridge right now than there ever was since it's existence last November. That poor brand new fridge had no idea it would be busting out with so much fat, so much sugar. OOOOO weee! There is a reason I ignored my the fridge at home when I was growing up! I would have been beastly and more overweight as most of my family and I would have cholesterol problems sooner than I will.

I gathered up all of my energy and ran to the bounty. I pulled out 2 pieces of pecan chicken and a whole bunch of what my mother refers to as "onion potatoes" which consists of red potatoes baked with lipton soup mix. (thanks to sister in law Lynn who gave her the recipe) I put them all in a skillet and heated it up. While that was cooking I cut the corn off two cobs and put it in the microwave. I can't stand biting things off of the cob, and don't you worry your pretty little head I get made fun of every single time I do it. You see, it's not white trash proper if it don't have lipton soup mix in it someplace, right grandma? She used to put it in her meatloaf and her roasts, god may she rest in peace. I bet she would have loved those potatoes. (though I've decided it's also white trash proper if it has a box of instant pudding or a cake mixed used in an odd way too, after many years of research). After all of it was heated up I poured myself a diet coke and grabbed the iced coffee from Dunkin Donuts I forgot to drink the night before. I poured that coke into some nicely sized ice cubes from a bag, you know the ones. Just the right pleasing size and shape, little holes in the middle just like I like it. That meal made me believe in heaven right there. It really did. And so did the Breyers ice cream dessert with chocolate sundae syrup on top.

I am a sensualist people. This is the way to live. If you haven't lived, you haven't lived goddamn it. Please find what pleases you, even if it's small iced cubes in your coke, and do something. And pour a little out for me sisters and brothers. Amen.


Hello Livejournal. I've missed you. Now that I am happy again I'll be trying to type to you now.

oh, the posts

Hi everyone. I felt like connecting to livejournal land.
I've moved in with April and Sarah.
My life is getting much better since that happened. I see Ella all the time, I go over there until she is asleep and I bring her to April and Sarah's house a couple times a week. She seems ok with the transition.
I've been sick for two weeks. I had the flu then I had this head cold that would not go away. The doctors said they would not give me antibiotics because I was just on them a couple of weeks ago for bronchitis. I said, is this normal all this sickness? And they said, if you have a young child, yes. Well, I have a two year old and I'm teaching 55 sixth graders. I've seen them pick their noses. I'm not surprised at how sick I am or that they pick their noses.
I just wish the crackling in my ears would stop. It's freaking me out.

Difficult and interesting times

I am feeling better about my situation.

My situation is that I am getting a divorce.

The happier part is that things are moving and life is going on and things aren't as bad and since it's finally happening I feel better.

My husband, soon to be ex husband, is being very understanding and forgiving, which is amazing considering the circumstances.

The plan is that Christopher is going to move out nearby to an apartment. He has requested to come over almost every night and help put Ella to bed, and some nights he will take her to his place. I think this is a great idea. I can't believe he came up with it himself. I've been fretting because I needed a change and I thought I'd have to facilitate it entirely by moving out temporarily until he found a place, but he has already made some arrangements himself. He is going to take the car we have and help me save up for one. He has agreed to many of my terms, and I have agreed to some of his. It's much better than the black hole of ridiculousness our talks have been in the past about it, or about anything for that matter, which is why I am in this situation anyway.

I have realized how much of our lives have been routine and not really felt. It's nice to feel something. I've been very numb for years.

Ella conversations

Ella and I are having some good conversations.

Today I almost fell out of the rocking chair while she was playing on the other side of the room. She looked over at me and said " Be careful, Mommy! Be careful!" It was so cute.

Heartfelt talks

The power trio of April, RedRider, and Qvalentine were together again last night briefly for some good food and great heartfelt discussions about how our lives have turned out. This is our 10th year as friends and a lot has changed. It was nice to chat with them and feel the love. We all met in grad school at The Ohio State University, we have all lived together in the same houses, we have all lived away from each other, and now we all live in the same state. Right now RedRider is stuck at the bus station because her train got flooded to Boston.

I got to spend a nice quiet evening alone with Ella. She decided to read alone. I watched from afar and did laundry as she read 20 books. It was really cute. Then I had to persuade her to bring some books downstairs so we could eat a nice hearty dinner of beans and cheese, and a popsicle. That girl can really put away the beans. I'm not sure if this is a good thing or not. Then we took a bath and I accidentally put the water on too high and she got really mad at me. It was all better with a cup of milk and more reading. I am delighted that she loves to read so much. She actually yelled at me today because she wanted to read more than eat. "No mommy, I'M READING!"

ok, ok. I know, you are an independent woman now.